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Rice Bowl

GORYON-SAN Chicken Katsu Bowl
Chicken Katsu Bowl

deep fried crumbed chicken w/ seasonal grilled veges, half boiled egg & pan fried onion on rice.

GORYON-SAN Stewed Beef Bowl
Stewed Beef & 65°C Egg Bowl

stewed sliced beef & onion, half boiled egg & salad on rice.

GORYON-SAN Chicken Katsu Curry
Chicken Katsu Curry

Japanese curry, deep fried crumbed chicken & salad on rice.

GORYON-SAN Stewed Beef Curry
Stewed Beef Curry

Japanese curry, stewed sliced beef & onion w/ salad on rice.

Original Gyoza

Frozen • Pork Gyoza 12 pcs
Frozen • Pork Gyoza 20 pcs


pre order only
Frozen • Matcha whole
Frozen • Yuzu whole
Frozen • Black Sesame whole

Soft Drink

Coke Zero
Ginger Beer

Self Cook Pack

GORYON-SAN Hakata Taki Ramen
GORYON-SAN HakataTaki Ramen Pack
Hakata Taki Ramen – 1 Person Set
GORYON-SAN Hakata Taki Gyoza
GORYON-SAN HakataTaki Gyoza Pack
Hakata Taki Gyoza – 2 People Set

Gyoza 12pcs + Frozen Soup
Toppings: Menma, Wood Ear Mushroom, Sesame Seed

GORYON-SAN Hakata Taki Awase
GORYON-SAN Hakata Taki Awase Pack
Hakata Taki Ramen – 1 Person Set

Where to buy Self Cook Pack

GORYON-SAN Self Cook Pack can be ordered by phone / SMS 0414 992 228 and collected from GORYON-SAN @ Surry Hills.

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